How To Clean Floors

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When To Wash Floors:

Depending on how dirty your floor gets, you will have to wash your floor once a week or possibly once every two or three weeks.

Damp mop lightly soiled floors with clear water. It is not necessary to use detergent. Washing the floor on a regular basis will reduce the number of times you need to do a "real scrubbing."

Direction On Washing Floors:

Mopping vinyl, linoleum or asphalt floors:

  1. Move furniture.

  2. In one bucket add detergent and hot water. Mix the solution well.

  3. Fill another bucket with hot water. Use it to rinse the floor.

  4. Dip the mop into the cleaning solution. Wring it out.

  5. Mop the floor with long, even strokes.

  6. Mop the floor one part at a time. Rinse the floor by mopping with clear water.

  7. Let the floor dry at least a half hour before waxing.

Removing old wax and cleaning dirty floors:

  1. Combine:

  2. Spread the cleaner on the floor.

  3. Let it stand for three to five minutes.

  4. Scrub with a coarse brush or coarse cloth. Be sure to clean the corners and remove stubborn spots.

  5. Rinse with clear, warm water.

Wax removal products can be purchased. If you choose to use one, follow the directions.


Before waxing the floor, be sure you are using the correct kind of wax for your floor. When you wax, the floor must be clean and dry. Read the label and follow the directions.

If the floor is not shiny enough after one coat of wax, or if the floor is old or damaged, put on a second coat of wax. Wait at least four hours before applying a second coat of wax.

Brand Names of Cleaning Products:

WASHING FLOORS - Spic 'n Span, Top Job, Pine Sol, Pine Power, Janitor in a Drum ,Lysol Liquid

WAXING FLOORS - Mop and Glow, Step Saver, Perk (No Wax Floors), Brite (No Wax Floors), Shine Guard (No Wax Floors), Bruce's Floor Wax, Johnson's Floor Wax

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