Table of Contents


I. The Tenant - Finding A Home

  1. What Are Some Things a Tenant Must Consider?
  2. What About Public Housing?
  3. Fair Housing Laws Guarantee Protection Against Discrimination
  4. How Should A Tenant Inspect the Rental Unit?
  5. What Questions Should a Tenant Ask?
  6. What Will the Lease. or Tenant Agreement Include?
  7. Sample lease
  8. How May the Lease be Changed or Modified?
  9. Tenant/Landlord Rights and Duties

II. Repairs

  1. Who Is Responsible - Landlord or Tenant?
  2. What Should the Tenant Do?
  3. Repair and Deduct and Implied Warranty of Habitability

III. Municipal Housing Codes

  1. What Is a Housing Code?
  2. Harrisburg Housing Code
  3. How Do You Report a Housing Code Violation and Get Assistance?
  4. What Happens Once a Violation Has Been Found?
  5. What is Rent Withholding and How Does It Work?
  6. Nuisance Complaints

IV. The Tenant Decides to Move

  1. What Notice is Required?
  2. What About the Security Deposit?

V. The Landlord Evicts The Tenant

  1. When Can Landlord Evict a Tenant?
  2. What is the Proper Eviction Procedure?
  3. What are Improper Methods of Eviction?
  4. What do "Money Judgements" Mean?
  5. Eviction from Public Housing
  6. Mobile Home Parks


When You Have Problems

Tenant Checklist