New York Housing Laws

Rent Regulation (i.e., Rent Control or Rent Stabilization) does not cover all aspects of the landlord/tenant relationship in New York. The following laws cover all tenants -- regulated and non-regulated.

We have also included the Public Officers Law (which includes the Freedom of Information Law -- FOIL) and the State Administrative Procedures Act (SAPA) as tenants are often faced with non-responsive (read hostile) government agencies and therefore must take matters into their own hands.

NYS Real Property Law (RPL)
Ownership, title, interest and rental of real property; brokers

NYS Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law (RPAPL)
Relating to court cases involving real property

NYS Multiple Dwelling Law (MDL)
New York City & Buffalo; overlaps with Housing Maintenance Code; Standards for housing and maintenance issues

NYC Housing Maintenance Code (HMC)
New York City minimum standards for housing; superintendent services; registration

NYS Public Officers Law (POL)
Contains Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), Privacy and Open Meetings

Your Right to Know: New York's Open Government Laws
Booklet issued by the Committee on Open Government

NY State Administrative Procedures Act (SAPA)
Details procedures for rule making by state agencies; index of administrative case law.

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