NYC Zoning Handbook:
Commercial Districts: C1

C1 districts accommodate the retail and personal service shops needed in residential neighborhoods. These districts are often mapped as an overlay along major avenues in otherwise residentially zoned neighborhoods. They are widely mapped throughout the city. Typical uses include grocery stores, small dry cleaning establishments, restaurants and barber shops. All cater to the daily needs of the immediate neighborhood. Regulations limit commercial use to one or two floors.

Continuous, clustered retail development is desired in these districts. Local service and repair establishments are not permitted to break the retail commercial continuity.

C1-1 to C1-5 districts are mapped as overlays—generally along major avenues—in residential districts, while C1-6 to C1-9 districts are not mapped as overlays. When C1-1 to C1-5 districts are mapped in R1 to R5 and R6B districts, the maximum commercial FAR is 1.0; when mapped in other R6 and R7 to R10 districts (including contextual districts with the suffix A, B or X), the maximum commercial FAR is 2.0. Residential bulk in these commercial districts is governed by the regulations of the surrounding residential district. The maximum commercial FAR in C1-6 to C1-9 districts (including the contextual districts) is 2.0, while residential bulk ranges from that permitted in R7 districts for C1-6 districts to that permitted in R10 districts for C1-9 districts.

The regulations applicable to a new building located within a contextual commercial district are similar to those of the corresponding contextual residence district with respect to allowable lot coverage, required street wall height, the location of the front building wall and the permissible residential bulk and density.

Parking is not required in C1 areas mapped in densely populated areas (C1-5 through C1-9) because shops in these neighborhoods attract and generate little automobile traffic. In less densely developed areas, where most people drive, parking is required.

C1: Local shopping and services
Maximum commercial FAR: 1.0 to 2.0
Residential FAR governed by R district
Parking requirements vary with use and district


  1. Where C1-1 to C1-5 districts are mapped as overlays in R1 to R5 districts' the maximum commercial FAR is 1.0.
  2. Where C1-1 to C1-5 districts are mapped as overlays in R6 to R10 districts, the maximum commercial FAR is 2.0.

In other C1 districts (C1-6 to C1-9 districts), the maximum commercial FAR is 2.0. The residential equivalent of each district is indicated below:


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