NYC Zoning Handbook:
Residential Districts: R3

R3-1 districts permit relatively small single-and two-family homes. The buildings may be detached or semi-detached. Two- family semi-detached houses must have at least 75 percent of one dwelling unit directly above the other. R3-1 districts are generally mapped to follow existing patterns of development in areas such as Jamaica Estates in Queens, Grasmere in Staten Island and Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn.

R3-2 districts are the lowest density zones in which multiple dwellings are allowed. A variety of housing types, including garden apartments and rowhouses, are common in this district. Because of its flexibility, R3-2 districts are mapped in both vacant and built-up areas and are often found in Staten Island and Queens. Height and setback requirements may be waived by authorization of the City Planning Commission.

The maximum FAR is the same for R3 districts: 0.5 plus an additional attic allowance of 0.1 FAR. Above 21 feet, a building is usually set back or under a pitched roof with a maximum height of 35 feet. All R3 districts require one parking space for each dwelling unit.

Basic Data

R3-1: Single- or two-family residences, detached or semi-detached
R3-2: General residence district

Minimum lot size:
Detached: 3,800 square feet lot area; 40 foot lot width
Other: 1,700 square feet; 18 foot lot width
Maximum FAR: 0.5 plus 0.1 attic allowance
Maximum lot coverage: 35%
Minimum lot area per DU:
R3-1: 1,040 square feet
R3-2: Detached or semi-detached, single or two-family: 1,040 square feet
Other: 1,450 square feet
Maximum DUs per acre:
R3-1: 42
R3-2: Detached or semi-detached, single or two-family: 42
Other: 30
Front yard: 15 feet minimum
Side yards:
Detached (2 required): 13 feet total (minimum); 5 feet minimum
Semi-detached (1 required): 8 feet minimum
Other (2): 8 feet each (minimum), or 10% of building length
Maximum building height: 35 feet; perimeter wall height: 21 feet
Maximum street wall length (R3-2): 125 feet
Required parking: One space per dwelling unit

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