NYC Zoning Handbook:
Residential Districts: R7

R7 is a medium density apartment house district found in much of the Bronx as well as Harlem and Washington Heights in Manhattan. Other typical areas include sections of Jackson Heights in Queens. Density* is between 208 and 226 dwelling units per acre; FAR ranges from 0.87 to 3.44. The higher FAR typically produces 14-story buildings with low lot coverage that are set back from the street. Parking requirements reflect the fact that, in general, most of these districts have good access to public transportation. Parking is required for 60 percent of the new dwelling units in R7-1 districts and for 50 percent of the new units in R7-2 districts. The Quality Housing Program is optional in R7 districts; on wide streets, buildings would be similar to development in R7A districts and, on narrow streets, similar to development in R7B districts.

*Density maximums (the number of dwelling units per acre) are based on an average of 2 112 zoning rooms per dwelling unit.

Basic Data

R7: General residence district

Maximum FAR: 0.87 to 3.44
Minimum OSR: 15.5 to 22.0
Minimum lot area per room: 84 to 77 square feet
Maximum rooms per acre: 519 to 565
Required parking:
R7-1: One per dwelling unit or 60% of dwelling units if grouped
R7-2: 50% of dwelling units
Quality Housing Program: Optional

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