NYC Zoning Handbook:
Residential Districts: R7X

The regulations of R7X districts are similar to those of R7A districts except for variations in street wall height, sky exposure planes and a higher allowable residential density. Three alternate sets of requirements based on these distinctions result in 10-, 12- or 14-story apartment buildings. An example of an R7X district is Astoria Square in Queens.

The FAR in R7X districts is 5.0. The street wall of a new building must be located within a mandated front wall setback area of eight feet on a wide street or 15 feet on a narrow street. The maximum building height is determined by the building envelope which may not be penetrated by the building. The three alternative building envelopes are each controlled by a differing set of intersecting front and rear sky exposure planes that rise according to a specific ratio. A small tower set on a contextual base is allowable for two of the three alternates. The Quality Housing Program is mandatory in R7X districts.

Basic Data

R7X: General residence district

Maximum FAR: 5.0
Maximum lot coverage:
Corner lot 80%
Interior or through-lot 70%
Maximum front wall setback:
Wide street: 8 feet
Narrow street: 15 feet
Minimum lot area per DU: 135 square feet
Maximum DUs per acre: 323
Required parking: 50% of dwelling units
Quality Housing Program: Mandatory

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