NYC Zoning Handbook:
Residential Districts: R8X

The regulations of R8X districts are similar to those of R7X districts except for minor variations in street wall height, sky exposure planes and a higher allowable residential density. Three alternate sets of requirements based on these distinctions result in 10-, 14- or 19-story apartment buildings. R8X district (Alternate I) regulations are in effect along the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

The FAR in R8X districts is 6.02. The front wall of a new building must be located within a mandated front wall setback area. The maximum building height is determined by the building envelope which may not be penetrated by the building. The three alternative building envelopes are each controlled by a differing set of intersecting front and rear sky exposure planes that rise according to a specific ratio. A tower set on a contextual base is permitted in two of the alternates. The Quality Housing Program is mandatory in R8X districts.

Basic Data

R8X: General residence district

Maximum FAR: 6.02
Maximum lot coverage:
Corner lot 80%
Interior or through-lot 70%
Maximum front wall setback:
Wide street: 8 feet
Narrow street: 15 feet
Minimum lot area per DU: 123 square feet
Maximum DUs per acre: 354
Required parking: 50% of dwelling units
Quality Housing Program: Mandatory

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