New York Rent Laws
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NYC Rent Stabilization Law of 1969

Sec. 26-518. HOTEL INDUSTRY STABILIZATION ASSOCIATION. a. The hotel industry stabilization association registered with the department of housing preservation and development is hereby divested of all its powers and authority under this law. The stabilization code heretofore promulgated by such association, as approved by the department of housing preservation and development, is hereby continued to the extent that it is not inconsistent with law. Such code may be amended from time to time provided, however, that no such amendments shall be promulgated except by action of the commissioner of the division of housing and community renewal and provided further, that prior to the adoption of any such amendments, the commissioner shall (i) submit the proposed amendments to the commissioner of the department of housing preservation and development and allow such commissioner thirty days to make comments or recommendations on the proposed amendments, (ii) review the comments or recommendations, if any, made pursuant to clause (i) of this subdivision and make any revisions to the proposed amendments which the commissioner of the division of housing and community renewal deems appropriate provided that any such review and revision shall be completed within thirty days of receipt of such comments or recommendations and (iii) thereafter hold a public hearing on the proposed amendments. No provision of such code shall impair or diminish any right or remedy granted to any party by this law or any other provision of law. b. A code shall not be approved hereunder unless it appears to the commissioner of the division of housing and community renewal that it provides for a cash refund or a credit to be applied against future rent, in the amount of the excess, if any, of rent paid since January first, nineteen hundred sixty-nine, over the permissible fair increase, and that it gives a hotel tenant the right to request a six month lease at the permissible rent rate within thirty days of the approval of such code, or, if his or her tenancy commences after such thirty day period, within thirty days of the commencement of his or her tenancy, and that is in compliance with the standards set forth in subdivision c of section 26-511 to the extent such standards are applicable to the hotel industry, and that it provides specifically that no owner shall refuse to extend or renew a tenancy for the purpose of preventing a hotel tenant from becoming a permanent tenant. c. Each landlord who is made subject to this law pursuant to section 26-505 or 26-506 of this code shall furnish to each permanent tenant signing a new or renewal lease, a rider describing the rights and duties of owners and tenants as provided under the rent stabilization law of nineteen hundred sixty-nine. Such rider shall be in a form promulgated by the commissioner and shall conform to the intent of section 5-702 of the general obligations law and shall be in a print size larger than the print size of the lease to which the rider is attached.

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