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Re: Don't be Polite! They'll have us for breakfast...

Posted by Burnin Mad! on May 01, 1997 at 11:14:24:

In Reply to: Re: Don't be Polite! They'll have us for breakfast... posted by Burnin Mad on May 01, 1997 at 11:02:51:

: : Demos in the city will not have any effect. You'll be preaching to the converted. All the city politicians support rent regs.

: : You need to get out to the suburbs, and put some pressure on the suburban Republicans. If this stays as a city only issue, the rent regs are gone.

Sorry to go on like this, but. . .
You say the city politicians are for rent regs?
What else are these politicians going to say here in the city to their "constituences?"

But I ask you: Who has funded these city politicians for years? Where does
the big money come from? Who really owns them?

Words are easy, and with a politician, who ever believes them anyway?
Let's get real about this. Don't you think is time to be real? The stakes are very high.
They have been bought and paid for by the landlords for years, and if we play
naive about that fact, we will play ourselves naive right into the street.

: The politicos *and* their landlord financiers need to be impressed. AND the
: tenant in NYC need to feel their potential power. Right now we have a population
: that is fearful and isolated: totally ineffectual, and that's why the landlords
: and their political surrogates think they can get away with screwing millions of
: people and damn the consequences. People begin to feel their power in these mass
: demos and they can begin to have the courage to act in unison. And united action
: is the only possible savation and the only threat the rich blood-suckers fear.
: Demos outside NYC will be inevitably small for few can get out to where these
: rich folks live.

: Furthermore: To once again take the accurate analogy of Vietnam, we didn't have
: to go to Washington or Vietnam to demonstrate against that monstrous attack
: against a people. It's right here that they want to wreak their greedy havok
: on us and it's right here that millions can speak up with one voice.

: Scare the sh-t out of them and maybe they will back off.

: Certainly, if they are made to back off it will be tricky, again just like in
: wars with weapons. They will try to make it look like they are *not* backing off,
: just seeing the need for a "compromise" or "reasoned approach" and behind such
: shams they will be hiding the daggers of divide-and-conquer or lull them into
: passivity.

: Make no mistake, their interests and ours are opposite. They are relying on
: every weapon the rich can muster: a lying press, duplicitous politicans, divide
: and conquer tactics, and finally the terror that only the state can impose, ie.
: prison, police, dogs, and brute force. Pretty scary adversary.

: But if we throw off our fears and recognize our potential power in our millions
: we can beat them. They have to see that we know this:

: Mass Demos all over the city and frequently.

: Citywide rent strike until the laws are guaranteed.

: If we fail now, not only will we be screwed and have nowhere to live, there will
: be riots and burnings. Imagine the scenario in some of the poor sections of the city:
: Intolerable and unpayable rent increases lead to increasing evictions. Some people
: resist and the police are brought in --en masse. Violent encounters and incidents
: occur. In frustrated and powerless frustration and hatred, some *former* tenants
: begin torching housing that's been stolen from them by the millionaires. The city
: could burn.

: If we don't develop, feel, and exercise our power now in an organized way,
: the power may very well break out in riots of hatred and frustration this summer.

: Organize Now. Fight back now. Hit them where it hurts: in their fat pockets.
: Put the "fear of god" in them and don't be fooled by liberal-talking political
: traitors. Most of them were bought long ago too.

: Demonstrate and Strike to save your home. . .
: and so there will be no burning!

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