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Noise Harassment from Neighbor

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Noise Harassment from Neighbor

Postby redhaus » Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:03 am

Over the past several months my upstairs neighbor has changed from being a noisy neighbor to a neighbor that could best be described as abusive.

His stereo and TV play at the highest volume almost 24/7. He doesn't seem to have a job and never leaves his apartment (Note: he's not elderly or disabled). It keeps me and my wife awake all night. I have tried to talk with him about this in person, but he will not answer the door. I have left him letters asking him to turn down the volume, especially late at night. However, I found the letters crumpled into a ball and left on my doorstep. I called the police; when they arrived at my apartment, they concurred that the situation is "serious." However, the neighbor would not open his door for the police, even after they repeatedly knocked for 20 minutes. The police finally told there is nothing they can do. In retaliation for the police knocking on his door, my neighbor flipped his speakers so that they play directly into his floor and through my ceiling, just above my bed.

I contacted my building management, who said they would send him a letter telling him to keep quiet. However, I can guarantee that this will not work; I doubt he will even read the letter.

There has been ongoing problems with this neighbor. Last march he ripped his radiator from his floor, causing a massive leak and three foot hole in my ceiling, just above an electrical outlet. However, he would not allow the plumber or super into his apartment to fix it, so the problem persisted for almost two months until the landlord got a court order for him to open the door.

I'm at my wit's end. I haven't slept in 24 hours since the noise is so bad. I bought a white noise machine, but even that won't mask the noise (it's that loud). Has anyone face a similar problem? How can I address this. So far, the police and the landlord have been of no help. And negotiating with this man person-to-person seems impossible.
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Postby Emeraldstar » Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:21 pm

Hi All
From your description, I'm spectulating a form of mental illness may be a factor..the radiator drama, may be drowning out voices with constant music etc. MI is no show but behavior is, & some persons frequently go without help/meds.
That said, your gonna need documentation, & keep organized with a folder. Cronic pattern is key. Options may be:
1) Notify LL in writing RRR. Also send brief emails when happening to confirm late hours. Daytime will not cut it.
2) File on line 311, then each time the case is closed file again to get a new confirmation # Print all complaint & closed documents. Docs show hours. Closed docs/result should show police were unable to gain access which usually means a lobby bell.
3)File for mediation. Have mediator notify LL & offending tenant. Neither probably won't show. One more supporting effort on your part.
4)Record within your apt. & ensure it's date stamped/timed.
5)Nothing ceased, then file in court.

These kinds of sits. are no easy feat. I do not want to see a fellow tenant in legal issues, yet there are times behind closed doors there may be a problem when addressed can lead to help/resolve for both. If I'm on spot, be kind "there by the Grace of God we go" MI can happen to anyone.
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