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does $80 in damages justify losing a $1000 security deposit?

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does $80 in damages justify losing a $1000 security deposit?

Postby manderin » Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:13 am

Long story short... I was living with roommates and broke my leg during the month I was supposed to move out. Due to this predicament I could not repaint the room to it's original color, take down a small lighting fixture, and remove a doorlock that I had on the door to my room. So I asked my roommate if he could do those things for me instead while I prepared to have my things moved out. He owed me $300 anyway which is why I asked him to do it and I told him we'd be even if he did. He said yes.

Well right after I had officially moved out I went to collect my security deposit from him and he tells me that he can't do that because there were damages to my room that added up to $1000. I said what are you talking about and he starts listing crazy things... for instance that lock that I had on my door?- he claimed that the ENTIRE door had to be replaced for that instead of just the $5 lock. He also claimed that the entire floor had to be redone etc... I knew this was bullshit so I went to management of the building and was able to confirm that it was. So with Management on my side I figure a day in small claims court would be an easy win for me.

But a friend just told me a few minutes ago that despite the lies my roommate made, you legally lose your entire security deposit when you leave the apartment unpainted. Is this true? Because I can prove that these damages are false both by a letter from management and via pictures I took of the place, but I'm not sure I can prove that my roommate and I had an agreement that he'd take care of those damages.
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Postby TenantNet » Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:31 am

Don't start a new thread. This belongs with the original thread.
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