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Seized Meter. Need Big Help

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Seized Meter. Need Big Help

Postby Wilder Midnight » Tue Dec 02, 2014 2:32 pm

Not really sure where to post this. Please understand I'm a little stressed out. I knew this was going to happen. To say Ive had a year from hell is an understatement...its been more like four years with the bottom line being I fell so far behind on my con ed payments that my meter has been seized. I owe them a lot of money.

I spoke with con ed this morning and was told i would need to pay about 2/3 of the amount and to contact the hra deptartment. They gave me a number, two actually but both refer me to the other and all i can get are recorded messages. ive been searching around on the internet for some information but i really cant find anything or any information leading me to an office where i can physically go to to at least start to get things back on track.

I live in Astoria Queens, NY with a 11105 zip code.

Basically a few years back my roommate lost his job. He was out of work for a few years himself and after a lot of stress and bad drama he finally moved out. Sadly he didnt take his bed bugs with him and they moved from his room to mine. This prevented me from finding a new roommate right away. I didnt want to take someone on in a disaster area.

While trying to get rid of the bed bugs i ended up losing my own job. I'm just a waiter, life has never been that comfortable for me to begin with. I found a job fast but this was the start of a string of just very bad waitering jobs that provided me with little income. In a very short time frame my rent basically doubled while my income halved. Ive barely been able to pay my rent and transportation to work let alone anything else. My current job is extremely unstable, also provides me with little in the way of a decent income, I might not even be on the schedule past this weekend. I'm basically earning just a little above minimum wage and I'm swamped and completely tapped out just trying to keep my rent. I'm months behind on that and am seriously fearing hard homelessness. My landlord is waiting for money from me as i type this. I really wish there was something going on in my life but really its just me. i have been constantly trying to find a better more stable job for years now. i have nobody, no family, most of the friends i made in the city come and go, nobody really cares.

If anybody can provide me with any information beyond those two useless phone numbers on who or where I would have to go to actually speak to someone to at least help me get moving back in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. As i currently have no power I also have no internet access and my phone lost its charge and wont be til i get to work tomorrow morning.

Thanks in advance!
Wilder Midnight
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