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Desperate to resolve Neighbor noise

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Desperate to resolve Neighbor noise

Postby 1DayofQuiet » Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:31 pm

Hi all. I am new to New York City and I really love it here, except for my neighbors. I have neighbors on all sides that play music that is over 50 decibels (which is defined as loud enough to disrupt sleep) in my apartment throughout the day. I work nights and I need to sleep! My neighbor doesn't care because it is outside of quiet hours. Our landlord has been helpful with the worst neighbor, but since he started proceeding to evict our upstairs neighbor (who also behaved in a way that ended with out bathroom ceiling caving in) our downstairs neighbor has become worse. We have asked him to turn down music once previously and otherwise hear very little noise. But it has been louder and more frequent the last few days and when I went down to request he decrease the volume he screamed at me, told me it was in my head, and proceeded to to play the music. I feel like I am losing my mind with all this noise. We have repeatedly filed 311 claims, called the super, called the manager, called the precinct... but it feels non-stop. I have desperately tried to be a quiet and polite neighbor. I wear headphones and keep the noise down, but my neighbors seem to think that is an unreasonable request. I can't afford to move at this point but the noise is affecting my mental health (I have panic attacks), getting me behind in school, affecting my work with the lack of sleep, and making me feel generally ill. I want to break my lease as soon as I have the money, but I don't even know where to go to find a quiet apartment. If anyone can give me advice on fixing the noise or best places to find an apartment with like-minded neighbors I'd love the help. I've had two breakdowns over the noise and I can't handle a third...
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