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sublet/breaking lease/unreasonable refusal

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sublet/breaking lease/unreasonable refusal

Postby swbasements » Sat Aug 10, 2002 10:20 am

My lease provides that if LL unreasonably refuses written permission to sublet, I am released from lease in 30 days. I spoke to LL about subletting, and LL said they would not let me sublet, and that they would "find a reason" to refuse permission. They also will not let me break the lease early. I need to leave the apt - I want to avoid paying rent for when I am not there, and also to avoid risk of lawsuit. My legal options seem to be: 1) vacate and surrender possession, and owe LL expenses for re-renting and interim rent (but apparently LL has no duty to mitigate dmgs in Manhattan) 2) request permission to sublet and be denied, and then vacate and surrender, and risk suit by the LL. If you have advice for this situation, please let me know. Is there any way to get info on a particular LL (this is a major LL) to see their record, e.g., of filing suits against tenants and the like? Thanks for your help.
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