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Assignment of Lease

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Assignment of Lease

Postby memoran » Fri Aug 09, 2002 3:20 pm

I have a very poor relationship with my landlord in NYC and I wish to assign my lease. It is my understanding that if he unreasonably refuses to grant me permission to assign, he must release me from the lease upon request upon 30 days notice. Within the DHCR website it states that the landlord may not reasonably deny a SUBLET if the tenant follows certain procedures (see below). No such guidance is given for an ASSIGNMENT. Specifically can less information be providedd than in a SUBLET scenario.

Could someone please let me know exactly what I need to say in my letter to the landlord to Request to Assign my Lease, so that if he refuses I may provide notice to exit the lease as stated above. Any other advice.


PER DHCR WEBSITE: An owner may not unreasonably deny a sublet if the tenant follows these procedures:

Inform the owner of an intent to sublease by mailing a notice of such intent by certified mail, return receipt requested, no less than 30 days prior to the proposed subletting with: (a) term of sublease; (b) name of proposed subtenant; (c) business and home address of proposed subtenant; (d) tenant's reason for subletting; (e) tenant's address for term of sublease; (f) written consent of any co-tenant or guarantor of the lease; (g) a copy of the tenant's lease, where available, attached to a copy of the proposed sublease, acknowledged by the tenant and subtenant as being a true copy of the sublease
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