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I would consider moving from NYC

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I would consider moving from NYC

Postby The_Inferno » Mon Feb 17, 2003 5:34 am

Hello, to all.

It sound like renting and living out there is really bad. If landlords are cheating and ripping people off like I am reading about here on this forum I would seriously consider moving away.

Now I know that there is shitty people every where and it is impossible to find perfection, but there are nice smaller communities that are out here in the usa/ midwest is a good example and there are jobs if your willing to work for your success.

For those who, have to stay out there I hope that the good people can help each other cope with these problems I am reading about. Thankfully thats why there are forums such as this to aid in finding good people to interact with.

I love it out here in Iowa, dont have dsl or call forwarding , nor even caller id. sounds backwards eh? I do have quite star lite nites, and clean air. Can drive to work 16 miles away in 20 minutes and perhaps meet 6 cars or trucks on abusy day. And am not a rich dude,but am happy with what I have.

So in ending there are places to go and places to get away from, This is our chose, It is our Freedom.

Bless you all, and god bless america where ever you live.

The_Inferno / Dan :)
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Re: I would consider moving from NYC

Postby sabrina » Tue Feb 18, 2003 1:24 am

Yes, I plan to leave NYC because of the high rents, greed, crowds and nonsense. I hope to eventually move to Washington or Oregon where it rarely snows.

Except for the lack of DSL, Iowa sounds great.

There are too many alternatives for anyone to stay in NYC and be miserable, which I definitely am. I want space, quiet and as few people as possible. I will never get this in NYC. I have lived here all my life and have never liked living here. Except for the theater district, there is little I will miss about NY.
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Re: I would consider moving from NYC

Postby The_Inferno » Tue Feb 18, 2003 5:15 am

Good for you,Sabrina

And I know its hard to leave what you know. I think if you have a good personality, dont be over trust worthy, but not paranoid either you'll do fine.

I'd probaly stay a good distance from Volcano'S ha ha. really

But that area is nice I've traveled thru Washington and Oregon. I lived in California people not to friendly unless your super rich.. there isnt much green out there either.

Find a small community and since you write you can find lots of inspiration out there also I'd bet. maybe newspapers job or whatever many writers do.

Figure this 11 million live in NYC area? Out west you can drive for hours without seeing anyone. I admit alot of that territory is desolate but its got to beat hours long traffic jams, poor attitude people, am sure thats a mild description to say the least.

Well could go on about small town living, Am also sure theres a lot of NYC people that are happy as clams too. Am not putting down NYC by any means.

Hope the best for you Sabrina...Do it...Dont wait to long and regret not going.

I kinda dream about Austrilia myself...My company has a plant down in Sydney thought I'd like to transfer there but will probaly move to my parents farm when there gone and raise little mini-donkeys and goats ha ha...also really.

Nice talking to you... The_Inferno / Dan :)

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