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Moving in and Moving out

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Moving in and Moving out

Postby gishapir » Fri Sep 27, 2002 2:32 pm

If a building has rules such as tenants can only move in or out during the days Monday through Friday from 10-4, does that mean that I ABSOLUTELY must abide by these rules? It also says this in the lease. Is there any way around this?

You see, I've been living in my current building for 5 years and these "rules" have never been enforced. Recently though, the LL and/or Mgmt. Company have been on the warpath and all of a sudden, they are telling me to that I cannot move on Saturday. I believe one of the reasons for the no move on saturday is so that no will use the elevators. But, I live on the ground floor and I don't see how this can make a difference.

As I am planning on keeping the lease (having my sister move instead of me), I don't want to take any chances with giving them a reason to tear up the lease. I'm sure they would love for us to leave and raise the rent.

Can anyone give me advice on this matter?
Thanks so much.
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Re: Moving in and Moving out

Postby ChrisG » Fri Sep 27, 2002 4:16 pm

evenif you're on the ground floor, unless you have a separate entrance, you'll be partially blocking the door to the apartment building, so that may be another facet of the no-move-on-weekends rule.

and while 'tearing up the lease' woud be somewhat foolhardy for the landlord to do, i think it would probably be best to play by their rules in a case like this. i mean, why direclty challenge a rule of theirs (one that they have been talking about recently, too) when the whole thing could be avoided if you do the moving on a weekday?

conversely, you could try to strike a deal with the landlord, but it doesn't sound like they will be reaosnable on this newly-enforced rule.
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Re: Moving in and Moving out

Postby Mr Gray » Fri Sep 27, 2002 7:34 pm

Follow the rules, especially if it's on the lease and esp. since they're on the WARPATH as you say.

Better to not give them any ammunition esp. if they would love for you to leave to raise the rent. :)
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