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END-OF-LEASE tenant rights

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END-OF-LEASE tenant rights

Postby DELF » Tue Feb 04, 2003 9:04 pm

My lease was up on the 31st of January, and I originally planned to have all my furniture removed by then, but my movers had a scheduling problem, and so my full-size bed is still in the apartment, as the one piece of furniture left there.

My landlord called me on the morning of February 4, threatening me that he considers the apartment OCCUPIED as my bed is still there, even if no one lives there, and thus far, he has been unable to rent the place out despite showing the apartment over the past month.

The question is: LEGALLY, HOW MUCH MAY HE REMOVE FROM MY SECURITY DEPOSIT if I can have the bed removed by the 7th of February, one full week after my lease ended? (I am in Los Angeles and have been arranging all these details long-distance through a sub-tenant)

Thanks for your help!

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Re: END-OF-LEASE tenant rights

Postby jot0n0 » Thu Feb 06, 2003 12:25 pm

Mind you I'm not a lawyer, but in my opinion it sounds like you would be on the hook for the full month (February) rent since you technically still had possession of the apartment (left bed with intention to retrieve later) after lease expired. With no renewal lease, you would be considered a month-to-month tenant and be required to give 30 days notice to LL prior to terminating tenancy.
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