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Apt burgularized as a result of faulty window lock. LL l

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Apt burgularized as a result of faulty window lock. LL l

Postby shangoml » Mon Jan 20, 2003 5:53 pm

I need advice. My apartment was recently broken into and I was lucky enough to only suffer minor losses (probably about $1,100) After the police officers and evidence collectors left I discovered that, when locked, my bedroom window (which is off of the fire escape) offered enough resistance to appear to be secure. But with a little more effort, it could be fully opened because the lock lever and the groove were misaligned (and had been since the day I moved in). Had I known this, I never would have spent one night in my apartment alone.

I went to the management company and told them that I'd been robbed and that I needed a window guard. They said it wasn't their responsibility to provide that, but they'd fix the lock and give me the number of a locksmith who'd give me a deal. This deal ended up being $275 instead of $290 for a fire escape window gate. So now I still live in fear and am pissed off because I can't afford to buy something that will keep me safe.

In their defense, the management company was prompt in getting someone over to fix the lock. But I don't feel any better. There was something seriously off about it. After much drilling and sawing, it took the maintenance man 1/2 hour to correct the problem.

Am I wrong to think that the LL is responsible for my apartment being broken into? The apartment is is an old building (built in 1918) but it was ground-up, gut renoved before I moved in. So everything should have been ckecked out and working properly. Advice?
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Re: Apt burgularized as a result of faulty window lock. LL l

Postby jot0n0 » Tue Jan 21, 2003 1:43 pm

On the lease you signed there usually a clause that say the followings or something similiar:

CONDITION "AS IS": Renter acknowledges inspecting the apartment prior to signing this lease and accepts the apartment in the condition it is in as of such inspection. Renter acknowledges that the apartment is free of defects. Owner warrants that the apartment and building are fit for habitation and there are no conditions dangerous to health, life or safety.

Unless you pointed out the window defect to the LL prior to signing I don't believe LL is liable.
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