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I got robbed.

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I got robbed.

Postby PPINYC » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:04 am

2 days ago my husband left the apartment for 10 minutes to get his food by the corner of the street. He didn't lock the door and we live on the 3rd floor. (Our building have a password for the entrance with 2 doors) When he came back the door was widely open and turns out the thief got our MacBook and 2 iPads and some cash. We called the police and also call our super.

I asked our super about if we can check the surveillance camera (which they are on every floor and also outside the building) but he said oh sorry he forgot to turn it on and the one outside is not working. I was so mad for the security system of this building, he even ask me if we have a surveillance video in our room? Lol are you serious? Why do we need to? and we paid over $2000 a month for an insecure place we are living in. What can we do about this?? Anybody know???
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Re: I got robbed.

Postby TenantNet » Mon Feb 27, 2017 10:44 am

Make sure you file a police report - to get it on record, not that the police will actually do anything. If you have insurance you will need the police report. (this is one reason why we recommend having renter's insurance - it's not that expensive).

Even in safe buildings you should always lock the door as you've found out.

If gone for only 10 minutes (a real 10 minutes), then how did the thief know where you kept the cash?

LL's are not always responsible for building security beyond having a secure entrance door and intercom/buzzer. It depends.

But failure to turn on a camera could be negligence on the LL's part. If they have such cameras they should be functional, and if you're in a RS unit, that could be considered as part of basic required services. I would get photos of the cameras to prove the actually exist.

Ask the police to look at the camera footage. Perhaps the super isn't telling you the truth. Wouldn't be the first time, and - not out of the realm of possibility - it could be that the super is in on it. See if there are reports of such disappearances elsewhere in the neighborhood, on the block or area, or in other buildings owned by the same LL. Look for patterns. But don't make accusations unless you have very solid evidence. Just get the evidence.

Does the super have evidence that he informed the LL of the non-working camera? Again, that could be part of negligence.

As for your rent, if you're paying $2,000 then why not get a rent history, see if you should be RS (if you're not) or if there are overcharges.

If there is negligence, then the LL will not likely admit to it or offer compensation. See if the LL has insurance where you can make a claim. Or you can seek compensation in court. It's a tough road to go, but not impossible. Again, get all the evidence you can.
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