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What are LL/superintendent responsibilities?

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What are LL/superintendent responsibilities?

Postby Blkbutterfly3 » Thu Aug 01, 2002 1:20 pm

I live in Manhattan in a non-regulated apartment. I sublet an apartment from someone in a co-op building. I have two questions:

1) Since the apartment is non-regulated, what are my LL's responsibilities as far as upkeep of the apartment? There are deep (and deepening) cracks in the bathroom floor, the bathroom tile needs regrouting, and the cabinets in the kitchen need to be replaced. They are that pressboard wood stuff, and the panelling has begun to separate. Are these issues that require the LL's attention? If I ask the LL to fix it does it come out of the LL's pocket or mine?

2) What are (generally) the responsibilities of a superintendent? I usually just do my own repairs around the apartment, if any are necessary. However, I have been unsuccessful at hanging curtain rods and fixing one of the windows. Is this something a super would/could help with? Do I have to pay him, since curtain rods are not part of his regular duties? How much does someone usually pay a super for that sort of stuff?

Thanks in advance, because I'm a little clueless on these topics!

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