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post-trial stipulation

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post-trial stipulation

Postby victory » Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:11 pm

I recently complied with the forum rules and I was accused of not complying, so I will not take the time and effort to give recommended info. When I omitted that info. many months ago, I had no subsequent problems getting responses and was not reprimanded by anyone.
I went through a non-payment trial (tenant) and I had to file an OSC to have the amount I owe lowered; which was granted. LL's att'y wrote a stip that day and one item on it states:
"this case is discontinued," (if that isn't verbatim, I will correct it, but I think the quote is accurate). I signed the stip (unaware of my potential mistake).
Does that item prevent me from filing an appeal? If so, that prompts this question: The non-payment petition asks for "reasonable legal fees and court
costs." Does the aforementioned stip item prevent the LL from seeking those legal fees, since case is discontinued? If not, but it does prevent me from filing an appeal, where's the logic? Implicit in the judge's post-trial decision is my ability to pursue an appeal, but if
LL can seek legal fees and court costs then I should also be able to violate the "case is discontinued" item on the stip.
Thanks all.
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Re: post-trial stipulation

Postby TenantNet » Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:25 pm

You're walking a thin line here. We've told you before, this is a continuation of your previous thread and you should not be starting new threads where we've already dealt with this issue.

Again, read the Forum Rules, especially item #8.

So again, we're locking this this topic. Any follow-up should be on the original thread.
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