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i have a very serious tenant complaint problem

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i have a very serious tenant complaint problem

Postby d15grnt7d » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:03 am

The people who live above me, shake my entire apartment practically 24/7, they do stomping & severely deep vibration shaking with there feet during the day and night, there is 1 individual who constantly paces inside the apartment producing shaking, stomping, and those deep vibrations that are equivalent to feeling electrical current run through you(yes it's that bad), this person also does this deliberately trying to listen to where i am in the apartment then follow me to do that vibrating effect on the top of me(yes i know this sounds insane but it's REAL), the person who paces around constantly goes back and forward for 18 + hours i kid you not, what the F...

This has been going on for 6 months, i have filed 6 tenant complaints, i have purchased a quality microphone and recorded the stomping(the deep vibrations i can not record, it can only be experienced in person). they do some kind of construction almost every day, constantly dragging furniture, and they do this all they way from evening to morning basically.

The building management stated they had adequate carpeting even though the stomping is so pronounced you would question how they come to this conclusion(if we took a survey in Manhattan to rate if the stomping is tolerable no one would even agree to this), i have banged up there and gotten no result, if i have to bang up there for 24/7 i will, but i will save this as a last case scenario, plus it's also unfair to other neighbors(but what the hell am i suppose to do)

I've called 311 and they claimed they did a report and found nothing wrong, which i doubt because i was waiting for them to ring there bell and heard nothing(i think 311 lied)

This is beyond not tolerable, we have practically a 24/7 pacing person that is clearly in need of some kind of supervision, we have some guy doing some kind of construction with no regard to the individual living under neath them, and me i am writing this thread with whatever remains of my right sound of mind and asking please suggest as to what i have to do, because this is purely evil and criminal what there doing

I have lived here for 3 years and i've never had an issue with anything like this until the last 6 months which have been hell to date, i wonder if there is some agency or some people who can come to my apartment and sit there for an hour or two and see for themselves what the hell i'm dealing with, i'm not very rich but i still respect my neighbors, why cant i can get the same in return

I don't know what to do, all options seem exhausted? If i don't figure something out soon i am going to take a hammer and remove my ceiling from my apartment V_V
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Re: i have a very serious tenant complaint problem

Postby TenantNet » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:42 am

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Re: i have a very serious tenant complaint problem

Postby d15grnt7d » Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:02 am

Ooook, i put capitals where they belong
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