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Advice on suing for security deposit

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Advice on suing for security deposit

Postby Frustrated Sublet » Tue Oct 08, 2002 12:56 pm

I subletted an apartment for 3 months over the summer. The sublet was with the renter and approved by the renter's landlord. I paid a $1,120 security deposit. The tenant now refuses to return any of the deposit and has sent a list of "broken items" but not provided any $ breakdown. Most of the items were already broken when we moved in, the furniture being old, and the value is definately not justifiable. I moved from NYC to California at the end of the summer and it will be difficult to fly back to go to court. Any advice on getting legal help or how to file from out of state? I am willing to give up a portion of any proceeds, I just want to make life miserable for the tenant and not let him get away with stealing my money.
Frustrated Sublet
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Re: Advice on suing for security deposit

Postby mjr203 » Tue Oct 08, 2002 3:46 pm

Sorry but pretty much the only way to get it back will be small claims court.

no way hiring a lawyer justifies the cost. normally I'd say to also try the attorney general's office, but between a tenant and subletter I don't know if they'd do or be able to do anything.

I suggest either getting trying to get a court appearance for when you know you'll be back or just forgetting about it. It is horrible to get taken advantage of like this. It is the reason more and more people are telling their prime tenant or LL to use the security as last month. At the very least I'd suggest to other people to do a walk through and agree on any damages before leaving.

Good luck.

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Re: Advice on suing for security deposit

Postby too trusting » Tue Oct 29, 2002 6:26 pm

Is there anyway you could give someone power of attorney for you in this situation and have them do it for you? Did you take pictures? Or have some sort of proof everything was ok when you left?
too trusting
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