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Unfinished Walls in Apt

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Unfinished Walls in Apt

Postby lodoroberts » Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:55 pm

My daughter recently moved in to a recently remodeled apartment in Brooklyn. At first glance everything was great, but once moved in, they discovered that the inside of each closet wall was unfinished... no drywall, open to gut of the building.

Since, that discovery a new issue - in that bed bugs were detected by a certified inspector. He believes the apt doesn't have an infestation, but that they are coming in from other apartments that do. I realize bed bugs can get in even the smallest cracks, but these open walls lead to all kinds of vermin, bugs and fire safety hazards.

Are these unfinished walls legal? Would they have passed an inspection for a CO?

What are our (I am her guarantor) rights if any?
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Re: Unfinished Walls in Apt

Postby TenantNet » Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:18 pm

Just make sure this is not walls that subdivide the apartment. If so, that could be a clear buildings violation (and dangerous).

As for the closet walls, of course they should be finished. Can you get HPD to put in a violation (also for the bed bugs)? They have nothing to do with a CO (certificate of occupancy), but the condition violates the Warranty of Habitability as well as the Housing Maintenance Code.

Start by notifying the LL by written letter sent certified RRR. Document everything. Take many photos.

Be aggressive in going after the bed bugs. They are difficult to remove and the bites are painful.

Have you researched if the unit should be rent stab? How old is the building? How many units are in the building?
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