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What should I do?

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What should I do?

Postby Sonya » Tue Jun 18, 2002 1:00 pm

I live in Ft. Myers Florida, and on May 9, 2002, my male friend got into some trouble with the law...because they thought I was his girl friend, the news-press mentioned my name, my picture, WHERE I LIVED, and that he lived with me. My friend lives in a dorm on campus at the University in my city. The News-press also mentioned that I had not been charged with ANY crime. The next day I had a 3 day no cure letter stating that I was being evicted because of illegal activity and having an unregistered resident, this was false information they saw in the news-paper; however the code for the reason of eviction was for nonpayment of rent...I paid my rent before a late fee would be needed early that week. I immediately took the note to the leasing office and explained that I had not committed a crime, nor was there anyone besides my children and I living in my apartment. (I was 8 months pregnant and husband had just left me a couple months before this happened). I was told by the landlord that he HEARD from someone that I had someone else living in my apartment. So, I invited him to view my apartment right that second. He said that I needed proof that there was no one in my home, What other proof could I give him? So, I called the Sheriffs department and asked that a police officer be sent to my home to inspect it. An entire month has gone by, and I never left my apartment. I was in the hospital after an emergency C-section during the time my rent was due for June. I had people in my apartment preparing my home for the new baby when a letter was slipped in the door. It was a 3 day pay rent or give possession. I immediately called the leasing office and told one of the ladies that I had surgery, and had not been discharged, but that I would pay it once discharged. She said that would be alright and that she would let the manager know. I made the payment within the 3 day period + any late charge fees. The next day, my payment was returned to me by certified mail. I called to ask why, but the manager was not in. She visited me on Monday to tell me that the reason it had been returned was that I did not pay it within the time requested, and that they were filing for an eviction with the courts because of illegal activity and unregistered resident. (At the top of the 3 day notice, it showed the date of 6-6-02...but it really was not delivered to me until 6-10-02..so I paid it on 6-13-02, 3 days after delivery. One of the people in the apartment, at the time of delivery, wrote at the top the date and time it was actually stuck in my door. Does the landlord have rights to evict me?
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Re: What should I do?

Postby Brooklyn Babe » Wed Jun 19, 2002 9:14 am

Your question should be posted in "General Discussion: Beyond New York"....I've posted a reply there...
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