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injury liabilty

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injury liabilty

Postby knen » Fri Jun 21, 2002 10:53 pm

Forgive the crossposting, but I want to get all opinions on this.

I just got a bill for $710 dollars for the surgical removal of a huge splinter from my girlfriend's foot which she sustained a couple of weeks ago while walking barefoot in our apartment.
How should I broach this with the LL? The floors are very very old and although they were darkly stained before we moved in so they looked alright during the showing, thye really are in bad shape. Gauges, deep sags, rotten wood, holes where the radiators come out of the floor. Right after we moved in, I called the LL about apparent water damage that had been covered up with a nasty old scrap of carpet, and she curtly told me we were not getting a new floor, maybe in the summer. Now that I've lived here a while I know there's no way we're getting a new floor (we're talking about a slumlord here). Should I send her the bill and deduct the amount from next month's rent?
The bldg. is rent stabalized and the unit has been destabalized although I believe it was done illegally. I will deal with that eventually, but in the mean time, what to do about this bill? I don't want to file the overcharge right now and don't see why I should seeing as the penalty will only go up in my favor (we've been here six months, and the rent controled tenant was here in 2001 so there's no risk about four years being up)
What should I do? Thanks for any advice!
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