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installing an AC in a rent stab. apt

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installing an AC in a rent stab. apt

Postby hellerls » Mon Jun 10, 2002 1:36 pm

hi, we just got an ac installed in our new apt (drilled and mounted into the window). we just noticed our lease has the following clause about ACs:

air conditioners
tenant understands that he may not install any ac in the apt WITHOUT first receiving landlord's consent. moreover, landlord may charge additional rent for said permission. moreover, tenant may not remove said ac and then ask or seek rent reduction. TENANT MUST REMOVE ALL AIR CONDITIONERS DURING EACH HEATING SEASON, ie October 1- may 31. violation of this provision will cause a waste of heat and energy, and is therefore, a substantial breach of matrial and significant obligation of this lease.

is this a terrible thing to have done? should we call the mgmt company and let them know?
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Re: installing an AC in a rent stab. apt

Postby ChrisG » Mon Jun 10, 2002 11:47 pm

i think it will depend on the disposition on the mgmt. if they're nice enough folks you could just 'fess up and say it's already installed. if they're not so hot, but vigilant, remove it from the window immediately and then ask if it's okay to install it.

on the other hand if you live in the kind of building that the mgmt doesn't really pay attention, you could risk it and see how long it lasts before they notice it :)
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