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best response to threats of illegal acts?

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best response to threats of illegal acts?

Postby SheldonF » Mon Jun 03, 2002 11:03 am

We all know that harassment, lockout, and removing a tenant's possessions are not legal means of getting a tenant to vacate. But we also know that people do illegal things. My LL threatened to do all of the above - "I will box your stuff and put it out on the street; I will change the locks; I will call the police; I will make your life a living hell." -- unless I agree to move by July 1. If I am not out July 1, and he does (or attempts) any of these things, what is my best course of action?
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Re: best response to threats of illegal acts?

Postby MikeW » Wed Jun 05, 2002 5:09 pm

1) If at all possible, get the threats on tape.

2) Get a lawyer, and have him write your LL a nastygram. Nothing will shut up a truculant LL more quickly than knowing that the tenant is being well advised of his rights and is prepared to take legal action to enforce them.

3) It might not be a bad idea to get the cops involved to some degree. It's not so much that they'd do anything at this point, but that if the LL continues the harassment, including attempting an illegal eviction, they're not starting from scratch, and know what the situation is. The mere threat of an illegal eviction would be enough to file a harassment complaint.
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