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Roaches and fleas have taken over

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Roaches and fleas have taken over

Postby pathos » Tue Mar 12, 2002 6:36 pm

I recently moved into a building in the east village on a 4 month lease, and I've been in pain ever since. Three days after moving into the apartment, a roach crawled on me while i was using the bathroom, and it's pretty much been downhill since. I live alone in a small 2 bedroom winged apartment, and the third night was the start of the roaches crawling on me while i try to sleep. That's really the worse part of it, the fact that they get on my bed, and I wake up with one on my arm everynight that I slept in my bed. I went to my landlord, and because of the language barrier, I explained to his daughter that I needed an exterminator, and she said she'd put me on the list for spraying. That never happened. A week later (second week in feb) the fleas moved in. And they are just vicious. Because the fleas bite, that does make them worse than the roaches, but i'm still more afraid of the roaches... Once again, I went to the landlord, who promised to come spry the next day, that never happened. 3 weeks of sleeping in the other bedroom on a bad futon and I went to the rental company since it was clear my landlord wouldn't do anything. A lot of promises were made, including saying they would send an exterminator at the beginning of the week. Also, the manager promised to call me within a few days, to see how things are going. Two weeks and 3 days later, I'm still battling the fleas and the roaches and he didn't call and won't return my calls. I set off a flea bomb, trying to handle the situation myself, and nothing worked. I slept in my bed that night after bombing, and at 4:48 am, i was awakened by a roach on my arm, and the fleas were their same old jumpy self.

It's march now, and they want their rent for this month, and not only do i not want to pay them, but I want my money back, so I can just move. Home. this apartrment has just broken me. In addition to the fleas, and the roaches, which are HUGE issues, about everything else is wrong witht his place. The shower didn't work for 3 weeks, it had two temperatures, ice cold and scalding hot. The shower doors fell off because they weren't properly connected at all. The water pipes in the kitchen vibrate and shake and screech like a tuba. When I tried to bomb, I discovered that the window in my bedroom was broken... the toilet overflowed all over the floor... it's been one long painfull mointh, and I just want to know if anyone can help me by telling me leggally what i can do. Can I sue for not keeping the apartment livable, and ruining the time spent here? Or get out of the lease? Christ, I've been sleeping and showering at my friends' and it's just been a nightmare, and these people don't seem to care. I only have a 4 month lease thankfully, but i can't sleep, cook, or invite people over, so I'm not really living at this place. I just don't know legally what this company is required to do, so the next time I go down there to demand for help, I'd like to remind them of whatever laws they've broken.

Thanks in advance for reading, and if anyone can help with information, or point me in the direction of an attorney or some method of getting this company to come fix everything, or give me back my money, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Re: Roaches and fleas have taken over

Postby Lilly » Tue Mar 12, 2002 10:20 pm

You have to call HPD. 212-824-4328. You also have to put all this in writing to the LL, send certified mail, return receipt. But call HPD right away. Legally, the LL must be informed of the conditions, even tho you TOLD him, he will probably deny it; that's why the certified letter.
Call HPD tonight-they answer the phonees 24-hrs a
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