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faulty boiler, faulty LL, big rent

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faulty boiler, faulty LL, big rent

Postby Tenant316 » Sat May 04, 2002 4:36 pm

Since the start of April '01, there have been 24 instances of no hot water (and heat, during that season). 95% of these occasions I have made complaint to HPD and gotten acknowledgment.

I recently sent a certified/return receipt letter to Mgmt, as the boiler was down SEVEN times 4.14.02 to 4.29.02 after having gone about 6 months with no problem.

They responded and addressed other matters but said nothing about the boiler - which always seems to go out (we're talking major leak problems requiring patch and weld) on a Friday, leaving the bldg cold, unshowered, and dirty dished all weekend and for the start of the workweek on MOnday- as if no one does work like this in NYC outside Monday to Friday.

Can I deduct from rent? I'm tired of this - how can I make them respond - or better yet, make them
a) provide restitution for all the inconvenience, and more importantly
b) find out just what is the problem maintaining a working boiler?????? I can't believe they didn't feel some explanation/reassurance was warranted. The Super is useless, BTW, and only reiterates that it's basically anyone's fault/problem but his. :mad:

Any suggestion that minimizes the involvement of the DH -(we could care less)- CR would be most welcome. This cannot go on.
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