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Heat Radiator Key and Front Door Handle

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Heat Radiator Key and Front Door Handle

Postby fnbdave » Mon Oct 21, 2002 9:27 pm

My brother recently moved into an apartment and a neighbor told him he needs to purchase a radiator key from the super to turn his heat on. Is this legal? I thought you didn't have to pay for heat?

Secondly, the inside of his apartment front door has no door knob. Just a hole where he has to stik his finger in to open it. The out side of the door just has a handle on it to open it from the outside. Doesn't a landlord have to rectify this? Isn;t it a fire hazard and safety thing?
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Re: Heat Radiator Key and Front Door Handle

Postby kinetyk » Tue Oct 22, 2002 8:55 am

sounds like the LL is screwing you. If the heat is included in the rent (look at the lease), the LL is obligated to provide it . period. The radiator is part of the building, part of the premises you are renting.
As far as the doorknob goes, that's downright dangerous, not to mention totally illegal, and the LL needs to put that in IMMEDIATELY.
Contact the LL and get both things taken care of, suggesting he/she may want to avoid any nastiness with the Buildings Dept. or other authorities--it usually works when you phrase it that way.
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