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Landlord Harrasment/Waiting for FEMA

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Landlord Harrasment/Waiting for FEMA

Postby NoSurrender » Tue Oct 15, 2002 11:07 am

I was laid off shortly after 9/11 from my job in the financial district and our landlord
doing his patriotic duty raised our rent 50% in February.

I have applied to FEMA for rental assistance, it is in the process of being determined by FEMA, and I've communicated this – in writing and through verbal communication - to my landlord - over the last few weeks.

FEMA had spoken to him in the last two weeks to verify info on my application, and I spoke with him after that, telling him that the application was in process. He seems to be under the misapprehension that I can somehow speed up the process, and by shouting at me over the phone, it can be increased even faster. He is very abusive and unpleasant.

Today I received a three-day notice to evict the premises from him, in spite of the fact that he is totally aware the application is in progress. This is not the first time
I've received one - I had previously received a three-day notice in the summer when FEMA was reviewing a prior application, again when he knew what the application situation was.

The crux of it is that I am being harassed by the landlord to leave the apartment. I am being harassed on all sides to leave this unit, but I have no place to go, and no money for deposits, etc. Also FEMA assistance is related to your being at the same address at the time of 9/11.
Any ideas?
How does one go about proving harrasment by the landlord?
Any good souls willing to offer legal advice?
Would the media/newspapers be interested in this scumbag landlord?
How can I make his life a misery?
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