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noisy neighbours across airwell

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noisy neighbours across airwell

Postby persiflage » Thu Mar 14, 2002 2:50 pm

What rights do you have as a tenant when the problem is not in your building but across an airwell?

The neighbours across the airwell in a Section 8 building are atrocious. Booming hip hop at all hours, frequently so loud they must turn it down to hear themselves argue.

The arguments are prolonged and profane. Grandma Medea, her daughter the Shrill Witch, granddaughter Rage and Big Daddy Thug scream, slam doors and throw breakable things day and night (nobody has a job?).

I work at home most of the time. It's hard to be professional with Hot 97 booming when you make calls to clients.

I have taken to calling the cops to get them to quiet down. I've been averaging a call a day for the past two weeks.

Thanks to Quality of Life, the cops actually do show up, and the music is temporarily turned down (followed by a hail of abuse into the airwell).

My only question is, what are my rights? Is the longterm solution to call the cops once (or more) a day?

Will the cops notify the management company next door? Is there any chance that with enough complaints this tedious soap opera might be evicted?

Although looking over the roach topic posted a few threads ago, I actually have it pretty good...
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Re: noisy neighbours across airwell

Postby Lilly » Fri Mar 15, 2002 12:23 am

If you own your apartment, or if you're just renting and the LL will let you, and if you have/want to spend the money, install a second window, on the inside. People do it all the time to keep out the noise. Beats calling the police every day.
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