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We evicted roommate - he stole cable box and misc...need

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We evicted roommate - he stole cable box and misc...need

Postby Alvysyngr » Tue Dec 17, 2002 12:12 pm

This is the deal - we evicted roommate and when he packed up to leave (no one was home since he left a day early) he took with him several dishes, glasses, eating utensils and the cable box from Cablevision. We haven't paid him a security deposit yet since we need to factor in cleaning his disgusting room, his disgusting animals made a mess of the dining room carpet, etc. If he refuses to give back the box or simply claims he didnt take it how should I deal with this? The boxes are rented from Cablevision and I think they are $300 to replace. Should I call the police and say he stole it and the other stuff? I was going to give it a day or two before informing cablevision or the police, should I inform them now? thanks for the advice.
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Re: We evicted roommate - he stole cable box and misc...need

Postby mjr203 » Tue Dec 17, 2002 3:08 pm

one route is to just withhold the amount from the security deposit and to reasonably do the same for other damages "beyond wear and tear"

Try to be fair for the sake of the process and account for receipts to replace the cable box, carpet cleaning if filth is excessive, and other damages.

[technically isn't the cable box the property of time warner, i.e. you rent it monthly and his taking it is theft?]

Then send him the remainder of the security and if he has a problem he will take you to small claims.
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Re: We evicted roommate - he stole cable box and misc...need

Postby consigliere » Tue Dec 17, 2002 4:02 pm

I think you should contact the police and Cablevision immediately to report the theft. You'll obviously need a replacement cable box. (There are not very many channels on basic cable.)
Don't get your hopes up for getting anything back, but press for a police report. This will help you if you have to file an insurance claim or appear in small claims court, and possibly with Cablevision.
In the past, Time Warner would waive the security deposit if a customer could show that the cable box may have been stolen. However, a roommate might present a different problem, and Cablevision may not be as flexible. In fact, Time Warner may no longer waive the deposit.
Certainly withhold the amount of damages, including the stolen items, from the security deposit.
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