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Flooded Apt .... Lease ... Questions?

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Flooded Apt .... Lease ... Questions?

Postby <David The Wet> » Wed Mar 27, 2002 11:01 am

Ok ... last night at just past midnight, water started BURSTING out of the ceiling, out of the heating vents, out of lighting fixtures, electrical sockets, corners of the wall .. etc.

There is only 1 apt per floor and the apt above us is empty.

We called the landlord every half hour between 12:15 and 4:15 and he never (it is not 10am now), STILL, called us back.

WE finally tried climbing up the fire escape and there was luckily an unlocked window. We went into the apt and turned off the water valve on the toilet in the apt above us ... it seems people who were moving in SOON .. were there earlier in the day ... and something went amiss.

I wouldn't say that the apt is UNLIVABLE .. in the spartan sense of the word LIVABLE .. but there is some SERIOUS water damange throughout the apt. Paint is bubbled off, plaster is cracked, mold smell is sure to start through out the apt, the wood floors are SERIOUSLY warped throughout the apt as well. I"m not even sure if its safe to use certain electrical outlets since water was flowing out of them a few hours ago.

My landlord still hasn't called me.

But the water has FINALLY stopped (after 6 hours of straight flowing).

WHat can I do?

Can I break the lease and leave?

Help me please.
<David The Wet>

Re: Flooded Apt .... Lease ... Questions?

Postby <Red Zephyr> » Thu Mar 28, 2002 12:06 am

If you want out of the lease, just ask. If your landlord has any sense he'll let you out, given what has happened.

Hopefully you had renter's insurance to cover any damage to your stuff.
<Red Zephyr>

Re: Flooded Apt .... Lease ... Questions?

Postby <andy> » Thu Mar 28, 2002 1:26 am

NOT SO FAST...............

if it is a rent stabilized apartment, you would NEVER want to give that up unless the landlord Paid you to move.

Also i just got my new renters insurance bill $47,000 full replacement value of the contents and $100,000 liabilty, $7500 living expenses, $246 a year

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