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Tenant confined to nursing home

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Tenant confined to nursing home

Postby guardian » Thu Jun 06, 2002 4:12 pm

I am a court appointed Guardian Ad Litem, and my current ward is sick and has been staying in a nursing home for almost a year. There is well over $1,000 rent owed and the landlord is now waiting for a warrant. The doctor is not sure if my ward will ever be able to live on her own again (she is not able to speak and there are no family members around.) Can anyone suggest where I can go to for assistance or legal help? Is rhere any legal protection for a tenant who is bed-ridden and cannot speak?
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Re: Tenant confined to nursing home

Postby Brooklyn Babe » Sat Jun 08, 2002 8:43 pm

Not sure, but I don't think a LL can evict someone if they are aware that they are in a hospital.
I suggest you go to see the Pro Se at the local Housing Court...
Since you are not sure how long she will be away, maybe you can strike a deal with LL to pay the back rent and get permission to "sublet" the apartment until she is well enough to come home.

You may want to call: to see if they have any info./resources....
Best of Luck!
The above information is from a non-attorney tenant activist and is not considered or to be used as legal advice.
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