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Security Deposit Question

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Security Deposit Question

Postby 646guy » Tue Sep 03, 2002 4:25 pm

I posted a question earlier about my landlady making threats and I have a follow up question. I live in a month-to-month situation in Astoria where we pay our landlady in cash each month. My previous two roommates have used their security deposit as their last month's rent in the apartment. So here are my questions:

1) Is there anything to stop her from allowing me to do the same?

2) And if I do use my security deposit as my last months rent what happens if there are repairs in the apartment needed? Someone told me that carpet cleaning and painting are required to be done prior to all new tenants inhabiting an apartment and are not to be deducted from the rent. Is this true?

3) Basically, she has not conducted ANY surveys of the apartment's interior in the past three years when the last people moved out. Can I, as the last person living there, be sued for any of this? When I moved in 1998, she did no exam or has she examined the apartment after each of my roommates left. Therefore, am I to be held accountable for this even if there is no security deposit balance? Can I be sued?

The reason I ask is because knowing this psycho, she would sue me...
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