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We are being overchargged by roomate for 18 months now a

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We are being overchargged by roomate for 18 months now a

Postby shotti21 » Wed Jan 08, 2003 9:06 pm

I Moved in to an apartment with three other guys 18 months ago.. (in hoboken).. and we have the guy who lived there already told us that the rent is 2700/month... now, we just found out that the rent is only 2200/month... In addition to this, he also gave us papers to sign saying tht it was the lease, and it wasnt... it was only an addendum to the original lease, but stated nothing about any $$ amounts... so he continued to tell us that the rent was the same... He has basically been takling our money and lining his own pockets!! He doesnt own the place, and he never told us hat he was subletting the place to us...
Our names ARE on the lease, but he has never given it to us for us to sign in fear that we will see the actual rent price... The landlord has never said anything, bc he is obviously getting his check everymonth. WHAT CAN I DO???? :confused:
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Re: We are being overchargged by roomate for 18 months now a

Postby Alexander » Fri Jan 10, 2003 12:50 pm

(Assuming you're not rent controlled) if your agreement is with your roommate and you signed for 2700, you can't do anything. If your agreement is with the landlord, just start sending him the 2200 directly and tell your roommate to go climb a tree. Even if you have no lease, you must have a verbal agreement with someone. If your agreement is with your roommate but there is a no-sublease provision in his original lease, then you can negotiate the rent down with roommate (mutually assured destruction). Either way, you don't want your LL to know that someone (you) agreed to 2700 or he'll start seeing dollar signs. Greedy people stink.
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