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Noise Advice

Postby stm » Tue Sep 24, 2002 6:18 pm


I moved into an apartment Sept 2. Unknowing to me, the tenants above me are a group of Chinese guys who are illegally subleasing the apartment (squatting?). They are very noisy after 11pm, as the floors in the apartment are hardwood and they apparently have no rugs. There are people constantly going in and out of the apartment; it appears these guys are using the apt. only as a place to cook, sleep, and congregate. The disruption to my sleep is killing me and driving me insane. They don’t speak English, or at least feign to understand (on one occasion they simply did not answer the door). I have been up there twice and written a note to them; I bang on the ceiling, and I have called the Police once. The Cops came, quieted them down, and I had peace- for 20 minutes. I have also bought ear plugs and a noise machine, but to no avail. This is all in a 3-week period.

I called the previous tenant, who said that he could “sleep through a nuclear attack,” so he did not notice the noise, but that his girlfriend could not stand it. Apparently he never formally complained to the landlord about it.

The landlord says he is trying to kick them out. Otherwise, he is very disagreeable, completely unorganized and unwilling to help at all. He told me I could call the INS if I wanted to. I am writing a letter to him now to inform him that he can keep my deposit and put it towards rent for October, and that I am going to move out October 31 unless the situation changes. I would be willing to move to another apt. in the building if one comes available, but that’s about it.

I can not continue to live this way. I realize that I am breaking a legal contract by leaving my lease, but I see no other option, unless the guys above me magically disappear.

Any suggestions?

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