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Landlords Responsibilities

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Landlords Responsibilities

Postby cozykorners » Mon May 06, 2002 1:04 am

Hi, I have a problem that I need immediate response to. I have neighbors that live directly under me who abuse marajuana to the point that it comes into my apartment and literally effects me with a contact high. I have complained numerous times to my landlord and he has told them about it and I have physically told the tenants under me about it and that I was pretty ticked off! Not only has it not stopped, but I told my landlord that this sort of behavior has to stop or you have to put them out! He said, "my only responsibility is to collect the rent!" Now I don't know about you, but I think he has quite a bit more responsibility in this issue at hand. And I'm sick of it and put up with this crap long enough! I've currently applied to be a police officer and if and when they demand a drug test.. I feel that I will fail the test do to this sickening behavior of these idiots downstairs! Let me add also that this winter was awful and I couldn't even turn on my heat.. Due to the venting and my entire place would smell like a druggie den! I want them out and I want results ASAP! Basically, I need to know what responsibilities my Landlord is responsible in a case like this in the state of Pennsylvania in the Philadelphia area, and can he lose this building as well.. These :roll: tenants are also selling drugs out of the apartment and what's worse is there is a 4 month old infant inside of there. Just awful!! Somebody, please help.. Thanks for your time..


Re: Landlords Responsibilities

Postby MikeW » Mon May 06, 2002 12:42 pm

I would call the police in on this. It would help you for a number of reasons. First, it puts everything on record. I don't know what the LLs responsibilities are here, but whatever they are, he can't claim that he as know knowledge if the cops tell him about it. Two, I don't know what the laws on pot possession and use are in PA, but if the cops can smell the pot smoke, they would likely have probably cause to search the apartment. Who knows, maybe there selling also. If they find anything, they can arrest the tenants. This would give the LL good cause to evict them.
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