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harassed by neighbors

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harassed by neighbors

Postby <Sheila Greenland> » Wed Mar 06, 2002 10:32 am

I attended a board meeitng in our coop the other night to discuss a rent increase (we're in a NYC non-rent regulated co-op, and they're raising our rent an insane amount). Anyway, the board was pretty hostile and seemed to have their opinions already settled. I leave the meeting, go up to my apartment, and 20 minutes later some guy pounds on my door. I open it and he's very aggressive, threatening and acucsing me of 'having something to say to him and his girlfriend'. I don't even know who this guy is! (I just shut the door on him and didn't say anything.) But, deduction says, he's the boyfriend of the pres of the board. NOw i"m being personally and unfairly harassed by the board bc I didn't agree with their decision to raise the rent so much. (I asked for it to be looked at again and perhaps raised a lower percentage - like only 30%). What can I do? It seems now A) the rent is going up as much as they want it and B) I'm still living in this building (only 20 somehting units) and they can come harass me whenever they want? What are my rights here??
<Sheila Greenland>

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