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Procedure to End Lease, And...

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Procedure to End Lease, And...

Postby Katyany » Mon Mar 04, 2002 3:58 pm

I may have to relocate, and therefore move months before my lease is up. Also, the neighbors in this building are so noisy, they keep me awake all night half the time with their music and banging.

I knock on the floor/celing, I leave notes, etc. I left a detailed note because this guy was blasting his "music" under my bedroom at all hours. As a result, these guys kept coming up and knocking on my door, saying we should get to know each other to talk about this. One stood outside my door for what seemed like 1/2 hour. I don't want to be chummy, and that's my prerogative.

I was very polite, both at the door and in the note, but now that I won't be chummy, the noise is keeping me up all night again.
Then there's a guy upstairs who keeps banging around above me at 3 am for hours. I got him to stop tapping on his floor/my ceiling constantly, but I'm still kept awake.

This is the East Village, all young, rowdy guys it seems. I'm a little older, and I only moved here because the apartment was nice and big. Huge mistake! It really is "location, location, location"!

So my point is, can I send the landlord a registered letter saying I want to end the lease early, including everything I've been through here? I did call and I left a message asking about it, but he didn't return my call.
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