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Ex-Landlord and Cablevision

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Ex-Landlord and Cablevision

Postby Alvysyngr » Thu Sep 05, 2002 4:12 pm

Here is my situation - sorry if It gets too long

Roughly 10 months ago my roomate and me left a rental b/c the landlord was raising the rent by almost 40%. We were month to monthers and didn't have a lease of any kind. The landlord had an "illegal" house in the back which was a renovated garage that he lived in. He had the cable in his name and when I asked him if I could connect cable modem he was fine with it. I picked up the cable modem and paid $100 for it but since I purchased it for HIS account it is his so I am out $100. He called me a few times over the months on my cell phone but never explained what he wanted and I wasnt too into calling this guy who hiked my rent so I returned a call or two but let it go, the other day he leaves me a message saying that there are two cablevision channel changing boxes missing and I owe him the monthly fee of $39.99 and he is involving the police. This is all bull since we left the boxes behind (I have no use for them) and I returned the modem to him. I am wondering if he could just go to the police and just say i took them and get me in trouble when it is his account and he should have (I assume) have collected these things before we left. Personally I would like to not talk to him at all but I don't want to get arrested for something that he is 100% wrong about, especially since we have been gone for 10 months!

any help is appreciated

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Re: Ex-Landlord and Cablevision

Postby ChrisG » Fri Sep 06, 2002 3:52 pm

is he saying you stole the boxes and are somehow magically using them to steal cable from him still? i mean, i'm assuming you no longer live near enough to split his cable for your use. anyway, i wouldn't worry about it. even if he does go to the police, what evidence, one way or the other, is there to prove his claims? since you had no lease, is there even any evidence he can produce to say you lived there at all? i've heard of landlords shaking down tenants living on their property but this seems kind of ridiculous since you don't live there any more. if he had followed up on this right after you moved out, then maybe he'd have a case. as it stands, i can't imagine anybody paying any attention to him.
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