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loss of property

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loss of property

Postby edlicious » Mon Jul 29, 2002 5:04 pm

I am going to small claims court to get compensated for my property that was "thrown out" by my previous landlord. I just want to get some last minute advice, points of argument etc... So here's the story:

On April 30th 2002, I entered my previosu residence. The door was locked when I had last left, and was now open. The remainder of my property was no longer in the apartment, and it had been repainted. I immediately went to the concierge desk in order to inquire as to the whereabouts of my possessions. After a brief search, I was told that it was being held in the office.

As I was told, they had just gone through that same day, and held my possessions. Upon inspection, I realized that a significant portion of my belongings (and of my roommate) were missing, the response given was that Christian, the person in charge of the clearing the apartment, was no longer at work, and they would ask him in the morning and call my office. The next day, May 1, 2002, I did not receive the phone call in the morning, and when I called in the afternoon, I was told, very quickly that it was thrown out.

Since then, I have asked for compensation, was denied. I told them, what I knew of my rights and that of my property, and they seemed a little shocked that I knew something, and then was told, well business is business.

So here I am, going to court, and planning filing another suit against them for failure to send my deposit.

Comments, Suggestions, Points of attack? I have never needed to go to small claims court, and I want to make sure that I present the best argument.
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