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Security Deposits/Statute of Limitations

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Security Deposits/Statute of Limitations

Postby frammonkey » Wed Mar 13, 2002 8:21 pm

I live in California and I'm wondering about security deposit/statute of limitations.
I lived at an apartment about 2 1/2 years ago. I gave 30 days notice (verbal) to the manager (lived onsite).
My security deposit for this place was $400.00. I've never received this money, nor have I received a letter explaining why.
I've tried numerous times shortly after I moved out to reach the landlord, but to no avail.
What are my rights? It's been over a year, but I'm wondering if I can still claim this money. Have the statute of limitations run out? Am I totally "screwed"?
There are so many things I'm only now beginning to learn with regard to tenant rights.
Also, I've recently moved to another apartment. The landlady at my former residence has told me I will be getting my security deposit back in a few days. She didn't mention anything about damages or repairs/deductions. That's fine, but I just found out I should be getting interest. I've lived at the apartment for two years and five months. It's my understanding I was supposed to receive interest payments every December or a rental credit. I've received neither. Am I misunderstanding this?
I've not received any information regarding how much interest my security deposit has earned while I've been living there. My deposit is $650.00. I know it was supposed to be put in an interest bearing account, but I have no idea where that account is/was and what the interest rate is/was. All I know is that my lease says something to the effect that my security deposit was to be put in a separate account by the landlord and that it was not to be used by the landlord for anything other than to pay for repairs/damages the tenant may have caused beyond the normal wear and tear.
Since I'm expecting my security deposit soon, should I contact the landlady regarding the "missing" interest if the check is exactly $650.00? If so, should I do it by letter only? I know that if I cash the check, I'm accepting the amount of the check unless I write under my signature that I do not. I'd like to be able to use this money right away since I have other expenses that need to be paid right away, but I don't want to "screw" myself out of any money that's still owed to me.
Please help!
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