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Postby Downtown » Sat Nov 30, 2002 1:51 pm

When I returned to NYC last Jan., a friend said I could sublet his place for 6 months..that lasted until March 1, when the LL threatened eviction for illegal subletting. I went to a bunch of open houses & Brokers looking for an affordable unfurnished 1 bedroom. Finally a broker told me of a woman (in her building) who was looking to sublet for a year in BPC. We met. Place was great if not dirty and filled with dusty furniture. I asked for a lease and a letter that informed LL of sublet. She said fine could I hold 2 large pieces of furnitue (rest to be removed). Talked to Broker who would handle the details & took deposit.
Day before moving was given a clumsy 1 year, handwritten lease for a furnished apt. Said no to that clause. Told new lease would be ready by move in day. What I received was a hastily written lease for that month...mostly showing the various deposits I paid. Both Broker & tenant promised a real lease (by then I wanted a Bloomberg) & the LL letter by the end of the week.
Nothing. I tried, the Broker tried...a zillion excuses for the delay. Refused to pay the rent until I received the lease. 10 days later, found a 5 day payment notice from LL to tenant for almost 3 months back rent...saw I was way overpaying.
Now, tenant is claiming this was only to be for a month. I didn't know I had been taken to court as they were using this address (never had access to mailbox as tenant wanted to keep) 1st. notice on my door was the eviction (Tenant still has full access to building as she has me down as a roommate)
Now, I have learned many lessons. A Broker doesn't mean you are safe. Get it in writing. If they ask for cash...question why. Get a really good Atty. the 1st. time.
Turns out, tenant spent all rent and deposit money and did not pay rent here.
Learn from me.
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