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Broker Fee...can I get it back?

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Broker Fee...can I get it back?

Postby Lemurtwo » Thu Sep 05, 2002 1:55 pm

I (unfortunately) went through a broker to get my current apartment. Judging by her actions, she had not rented out many apartments and constantly had to ask the agent what she was supposed to do. Anyway, she gave us a copy of the lease, that we had signed and that she had signed as a witness, saying that she would FedEx a copy signed by the landlord within a couple days (we lived out of town at that point). We never got it, and when trying to get a electric acct. we needed a copy, so asked her to fax one SIGNED BY THE LL. She faxed the same one we had. Now, two months after our lease began, we still have no copy of the lease signed by the LL. I read on tenant.net that before they can accept a fee, which we already paid, we are to have a copy signed by the LL. Is there anything I can do, to prove this law and maybe even get my money back?
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Re: Broker Fee...can I get it back?

Postby mjr203 » Thu Sep 05, 2002 3:37 pm

small claims court?
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