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Security Deposit

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Security Deposit

Postby rossie » Wed Sep 04, 2002 3:01 pm

I'll be moving out of my apartment at the end of the month (I live in Manhattan). The landlord has been extremely difficult about providing services required by law, and I'm anticipating a problem in getting my security deposit back, even though the apartment's in good condition. Isn't the landlord required to return my security deposit, plus interest, within a certain amount of time? Is there anything I can do to insure that he complies? Thanks.
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Re: Security Deposit

Postby polypam » Sun Sep 08, 2002 1:52 am

I'm going through the same thing, only with a roommate and not landlord. Yes, he/she needs to give you back your full deposit with interest within 30 days of the date you move out. He can deduct wear and tear of the apartment but only if he provides receipts to prove that he spent money fixing it. If he doesn't, you need to send him a letter demanding your money back or else you will take him to court (you can sue him for two times what he owes you plus court costs). Good luck. I had to send my roommate such a letter in order for him to return my money, a full month and a half after I moved out. He promptly called me to say it was in the mail.
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